Un ponte tra passato e futuro

I first came to Cuneo last year, on April 19 2012.
When approaching this old city by the road from Torino we did not see anything that could tell we were entering to a city; the road seemed to end at a beautiful mountain ahead, a mountain with snow on top.
But a few moments later, I immediately felt that I liked this place; the people, the narrow streets, the central avenue, all are attractive.
I could not say Cuneo is a town typically Italian because any town in Italy is always really Italian.
However Cuneo, this old Italian town, does has a specific place in my heart:

A place of hope, a bridge between the past and the future.

Under the lead of two young masters the whole group is full of enthusiastic students.
One master is a professor of mathematics and the other is a psychologist; the training is hard and the spirit is high.

They want to preserve high values from the past and apply new approaches of our art as a discipline to educate modern citizens: being strong, responsible, and helpful

Each time I come to train them I am enthusiastic and I feel I become younger.
They have opted a Vietnamese name for their group: VO-VIET Dai-Bang which means ‘The Eagle of Vietnamese Martial Arts’

Charles Phan Hoang (Canada, December 2013)

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